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Book club suggestions:
Unusual book club book recommendations

In our book club, we select titles that can easily be checked out from the library or found in a used book store. While we do love new books, this nod to the local library really makes you go out of your way to find a new (and wonderful) book club book to read that's been around a while. It's a creative way of finding unusual books and it fits every budget. Here are our favorite book club book suggestions from the past 20 years.


Book club recommendations: best book club books >>

These are the books that still come up in conversation years after we read them. We still remember the discussion. Look past the top 20 books on every book club book list to find some new and different choices in fiction, non-fiction, classics, historical fiction, memoirs and more.



Best book club book recommendations for 2012 >>


ellaminnowpea.jpg the-sense_-of.jpg the-peach-keeper.jpg the-pale-king.jpg reamde.jpg eighty-dollar-champion.jpg the-language-of-flowers.jpg

Trying to figure out what to read for book club in 2012? This list will help you find some unusual titles as well as the books that other book clubs have read and loved. It also includes all the books with buzz right now.

Wondering about the best books of 2011? This list with Amazon book recommendations covers many of my favorites and is a great resource for book club book suggestions:
The Best Books of 2011 by Amazon.


More great book club reading suggestions >>

When we read these books for our book club, they were universally liked - though perhaps not loved. (Okay, so we're a tough crowd.) There are some terrific books on this list ... mysteries, romance, fiction, non-fiction, classics, historical fiction, memoirs and more.


New & noteworthy: book club recommendations for 2011 >>

These are the new titles that are getting more popular all the time and earning some (well-deserved) attention. If you buy books, download to an ebook reader or listen to books on an iPod or MP3, these are perfect. There's likely a long waiting list at the library.


Popular book club books: 
See what you've missed on book club basics >>

Yes, many of us read the same books. But, sometimes one slips by. This is a list of some of the most popular book club books of 2008, 2009 and 2010.


Great listens >>

Long car trips, commutes, tedious chores, walking the dog ... all of these become far more interesting if you're listening to a great audio book. Find something great to listen to here. Download from Audible or your library to an iPod or MP3 and listen to terrific books.


Find a series >>

You know how you sometimes find a terrific book and then discover there are more in the series? It's like hitting the motherlode. Here's a list of some of those terrific "read-every-one-of-them" series.

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